Above is an example of the service sheet we provide after a service has been carried out, it is broken down into two sections either an A - standard Service or a B - Major Service.

If your car has never been serviced by us before or has been stored for a long period of time it would be advisable to have the (B) Major service. This gives us a chance to become fully acquainted with your vehicle and in a better position to give you advice specifically for your car.


When we take any vehicle into the workshops for the first time we recommend it have an inspection, this gives us the chance to gain an in-depth look at your vehicle.  We then list every defect, damage and any wear, this allows you to stay in control and have an understanding of what your vehicle needs.  You can stay with your vehicle while we perform the inspection and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.  Once the inspection is complete you will be presented with a written list as above, from this point you now have the choice and control over the amount of work you require.

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