Jaguar V12

The Jaguar V12 5.3ltr powerplant has been a highly succesful addition to the 'best' of Jaguars top end cars. Over the years these engine units suffer deterioration due to many factors. Our engine workshops specialise in V12 renovation back to new condition. 

With all our engines we dress them as we go and once finished they perform and look amazing. We have all the tooling for complete strip down and restoration.

Daimler V8

It's a matter of opinion but after completing overhauls and total restorations to the Jaguar 4.2 straight six and the Daimler V8 we are tending to prefer the V8 every time. When restored the V8 is quiet, powerful and smooth. 

Once restored these engines can more than cope with the loading from the stylish Daimler body. As you can see, we always dress the engine for effect.  

It's worth mentioning at this point, that these older style engines and the remanufacturing process is only possible using good old fashioned time proven engineering skills. Skills that sadly are in short but great demand. We are happy and extremely grateful to have had a true professional and an accomplished engineer of the highest order  - Ian MacDonald, Thank you.

Morris Cowley

Sometimes we even get vintage cars and their engines to overhaul, below is a 1929 Morris Cowley. It is a beautiful machine from a bye-gone era. This engine was particularly difficult to find parts for so we made most of the parts and tracked down some of them from Australia! Once finished the car does a maximum of 35 miles per hour but with the upmost style.  

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